Telemarketing or Telesales – which one meets your business needs?

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With many businesses on a tight budget, it’s crucial to ensure that you spend your marketing budget wisely and fully consider what you are aiming to achieve.  So which is right for you – Telemarketing or Telesales? 

Many people think they are the same thing but both have their advantages. There can be a crossover in both activities but, if this is something you are currently debating about, hopefully the guide below will assist you in deciding whether Telemarketing OR Telesales will meet your objectives.


Definition:  A service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, factors customer feedback, makes appointments and produces leads by telephone.

If you’re good at speaking to customers about your products and services, but are lacking interest or contact with customers, you need help with Telemarketing.

  • Telemarketing will create interest in your brand and take the information straight to the customer instead of spending time and money on advertising, where direct contact with prospects may not necessarily be achieved.
  • Good Telemarketing Campaigns mean that leads generated  will have a more positive outcome and result in great Telesales Campaigns.
  • Cut down on large periods of cold calling by adopting Telemarketing.
  • Identify excellent potential leads for your own Telesales team to close.
  • Many businesses buy in data in the hope that the prospects will be ideally matched to their products and services. This is not always the case and can be counterproductive. Telemarketing will produce a more reliable source of prospects who are genuinely interested, thus giving your Telesales team greater sales opportunities when contact is made.
  • Reduces training costs – Great Telesales staff are not always good Telemarketers; the skills and manner involved are different.
  • Professionally presents your brand, product or services to potential customers.
  • Canvas existing customers to reveal buying trends, or the potential for new business.
  • Inbound Telemarketing teams can staff your ‘Information’ lines, turning simple requests for information into its solid sales leads.
  • Outbound calling provides market research activities that can also produce leads.
  • Telemarketing can often reveal customers who are already prepared to buy a product or service and do not require much (if any) persuasion
  • Experienced telemarketers create stronger appointments as they possess the people skills essential to this task.
  • Telemarketing helps to provide a stream of appointments based on customers who are looking for precisely what you offer.
  • Telemarketing provides customer satisfaction and often exceeds the needs of the customer.


Definition:  A service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone.

If you’re great at attracting potential customers, but find it difficult to convert all that potential into business, you need help with Telesales.

  • If you already have your customer data, you need someone to persistently and persuasively convert those leads into sales.
  • Training is paramount for your Telesales professionals as this will increase conversion costs while reducing the cost associated with each sale. A specialist telesales team is often required to convert difficult leads into sales.
  • Successful telesales campaigns result from successful telemarketing campaigns.
  • Maintaining effective telesales can be a financial drain on your business.  Outsourcing, as and when you require to run a campaign can provide you with a professional sales team who possess the expertise you require and can prove to be more cost-effective.
  • Tailor the size of your telesales campaign to your budget.
  • Cold Calling needs a particular temperament; reduce potential customer annoyance by employing experienced cold callers who are sensitive but highly persuasive.
  • Remove travel expenses by having a telephone-based sales team.
  • Leave customers with a professional impression of your company.


Of course, both telemarketing and telesales services can be combined and carried out by the same company, employing them to work strategically as a joint team. Telemarketing can generate potential leads, whilst the other turns those leads into sales. The Telemarketers set up the appointment, the Telesales staff close the deal.  It’s a perfect combination.

When Telesales and Telemarketing teams work hand in hand, planning and coordinating their approach, they produce outstanding results.  For further advice and information, why not give me a call?  I have years of experience in both telemarketing and telesales and can offer you a tailored and cost-effective service to help grow your business


Marilyn Sharp
MDS Tele-Marketing Services

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